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Bespoke boxes, blease

I've been looking, it seems, forever to find an appropriate box to carry our precious product through the rigours of the postal service.

There are sturdy postal boxes available but... I dunno, they're all the wrong shape, or not quite the right shape, or something else is wrong... I'm beginning to think that the best answer is going to be to have some sort of bespoke carton designed. Even better, if the box (and the brownies) could be made short enough to fit under the 25mm limit for a Large Letter, we could save ourselves and, more importantly, our customers a considerable amount in terms of postage and packing charges. It's a tough job, though - that height doesn't give you much thickness of cardboard to offer protection, and means a thorough redevelopment of the brownie recipes to make a shorter, wider item as delicious, moist and gooey as their full-size counterparts. It could be worth it, though - imagine being able to send out a box of gourmet brownies for a bargain price THAT YOU DON'T HAVE TO WAIT IN TO SIGN FOR! I'd pay double for that, daftly...

A bit of a google turned up a likely candidate in Yorkshire who specialise in short runs of this sort of thing and they can even do added features like printing onto the box, etc.. Going to get them to quote for an initial run and see if the money is ludicrous or competitive. Fingers crossed that this is the answer! The price of posting a regular parcel makes us no different, price-wise, than our competitors. At least I'm confident that our product is worth that sort of money, but I'm eager to make them as affordable as possible to everyone.

Buffalo Explorers

  • Tastiest revision tool ever!

    Tastiest revision tool ever!

    Yasmin, Nottingham

    December 2012

  • This just looks incredible!

    It's so professional, like the best thing you'd ever get in the post ever! I love it.

    Lydia, London

    August 2011

  • A delightful surprise

    The only thing more satisfying than the thud which announces their arrival through the letter box is the superb taste; smooth and delightfully rich. I love the look that appears on my friends faces' when they take their first bite!

    Marty, Macclesfield

    September 2011

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