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Wedding fever

Had an absolutely, almost impossibly good time at Chris & Suzy's wedding this weekend...

...from a personal point of view. From a BB point of view (BBPOV? Hmm...), it was an excellent bit of exposure and all of the empty plates that once were full are testament to either A) the deliciousness of the product or B) the voracious appetites of the congregation...! Probably a bit of both.

In the end, we did them a tray each of Goldrush, Clementine, a new, experimental minty flavour named Kryptonite, Atomic, and then two trays each of Pure and Pioneer. I hope everyone in attendance managed to get a taste of what they wanted to try. Wish I'd managed to get the various artwork in a state to have some proper business cards made up... next time, I guess! Providing these plates of deliciousness has, at least, prompted quite a few more things to think about (how much capacity for producing we have, what to do about nut/gluten intolerances, etc.), so as well as being a nice thing to do for the nuptial couple it has been a most instructive exercise for the best man too! A cousin of the groom approached me in the aisle to talk about us doing a few trays for their young daughter's party the following weekend... couldn't say no, could I? Inspirational work by the wedding photographer, Jon Rouston too. I have an idea for a future advert, to greet the release of one of the products we have in development...

All. Good. :-)

Buffalo Explorers

  • I just found my flavour

    I want more Atomic blondies through my door! And so should you, they are delicious!

    Chris, London

    August 2011

  • It's my choice

    Choosing to eat Buffalo Brownies for breakfast is a perfectly valid lifestyle choice.

    Vickey, Surrey

    February 2012

  • Yum

    My brownies and blondies were waiting for me when I got back from a damp trip to Edinburgh. They were worth waiting for. A-may-zing.

    Ruth, Sheffield

    August 2011

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