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Still here, still!

More or less a repeat of the last update, with less weather/xmas references...!

We're still beavering away with trying to get the background of the business right, to get a business plan in case... basically, to appear as credible and professional as possible before we've even started. I'm weirdly confident about this, not just because I know the product is brilliant, but also that - between us - we have enough smarts and experience to know what we're doing wrong as much as what we do right.

In other news; loving the new version of the logo I've cobbled together. After several months of staring at the rather primitive, hand-drawn-then-photographed-by-my-camera-phone-because-I-have-no-scanner picture, somebody pointed out that you could use something as simple as Word to draw out some curves over the hand-drawn outline and smooth it all out. It looks well sharp now! Emma says she prefers the full-face version rather than the half-face I've been using places (I like the way it seems to peek in from the side!!) so we'll see where both of them fit in across things like marketing material, etc.. The reason this has come up... A few weeks ago I was asked to be a best man! By both the groom AND the bride... The groom is my brother-in-law's younger brother and the bride is one of my oldest friends from university. My role in this scenario is of Cupid, it appears! Anyway, cutting a lovely but long story short, they've asked if I would like to provide a range of brownies for the Afternoon Tea portion of the day. Buffalo Brownies AFFIRMS! For so many reasons I want it to be good, but the logo was one bit which clearly needed work. I'm very happy with the results.

In other, other news: last night was the launch party for the new album ("The Naked Juggler") by my youngest brother's band Dr Big Love. As part of the launch, which Chris seemed to have masterminded to a large extent, they've updated their website and it's ruddy good! Really smart, simple enough but clever in the bits that need to be clever... I think I'll speak to young Chris about how he might be placed to help Buffalo Brownies with our own site.

Buffalo Explorers

  • Delightful

    Ordered some Atomic Blondies to be delivered to my partner's office, and they didn't disappoint. Lovely packaging, great taste, superb service.

    Bess, London

    February 2012

  • Delicious Discovery

    Camping this weekend and out come your brownies, and me and my three are all hooked! Just delicious! The boys cannot wait to get their hands on more.

    Marie, Sutton Coldfield

    August 2011

  • It's my choice

    Choosing to eat Buffalo Brownies for breakfast is a perfectly valid lifestyle choice.

    Vickey, Surrey

    February 2012

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