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A cake of purest brown...

Next project: do more stuff with the same basic recipe. We are blessed, it appears, with a brownie batter capable of carrying many, many flavours.

Our conclusion is that the heavy cocoa content of the 72% chocolate means that, no matter what you add in, these chocolate brownies will always taste of chocolate alongside whatever feature flavour has been added. Management said, basically, "use your imagination", which is tantamount to lunacy given the back-catalogue of product development some of us possess... If any of us catch Jim suggesting a "lamb and mint chocolate brownie", we all have permission to immediately and ruthlessly apply Ultimate Sanction. ANYway...

Given that command, the first thing we've done is shove the development car firmly into reverse and backed into the parking space of nutlessness. There's something about a biting point we could add into the driving metaphor here but we shall resist for now. So, yes, we've taken out the pecans from the recipe and, honestly, you don't miss them. What you end up with is a pure, unadulterated, moist and rich brownie. It is impossibly moreish. And that's SCIENCE, folks.

Management are asking us for suggestions for the company name. Malcolm has come up with "Delicious Brownies Made In Britain By People", which makes up for a lack of poetry by an excess of accuracy. "Mmm." was Verity's offering, which has the benefit of being succinct; whether the "Mmm." is of satisfaction or mistrust is a little too ambiguous. It's too magnificent a product to waste on something clichéd, too. Glad we don't have to decide!

Buffalo Explorers

  • Mmmmm

    Just had the 'Chip' one. It is amazing - best one yet! Thanks a bunch, Buffalo Brownies :D

    Adam, Droitwich

    December 2011

  • All I can think about

    Your Atomic blondie is all I can think about

    Abby, Nottinghamshire

    May 2015

  • A delightful surprise

    The only thing more satisfying than the thud which announces their arrival through the letter box is the superb taste; smooth and delightfully rich. I love the look that appears on my friends faces' when they take their first bite!

    Marty, Macclesfield

    September 2011

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