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We're not entirely convinced we can get away with coining a new word to describe the celebration of love and romance through the medium of brownies, but... well, we're willing to give it a crack.

Also: we're a big fan of portmanteau words like this, so.


ANYway. To business. It's Valentine's Day in a week or so and, like many people, we're sure you're having a bit of a think about how to mark the occasion this year. Flowers? They die too soon. A ring? One only has so many fingers. Fancy meal and a sneaky snog in the car park after...? Well, yes, you could do that, you classy bird, but we here at Buffalo Brownies have an alternative for you. Are you ready? It'll shock you*. How about getting your beloved a box of our brownies or blondies?


We know, riiiight? GENIUS. Our Gift Option is your friend, here: if you plump for our Compact format, designed to go through the letter box, your love can receive a box of six slices for a total of £7, £8 or £9 (depending on the flavour). With that we shall include a lovely gift message and we can deliver to anywhere in the United Kingdom.


Where to start? Well, head over to The Range to check out the flavours currently available to buy. When you have found the perfect flavour, add it to your Cart and then avail yourself of a special discount code we are offering just for this occasion: BBVAL14 will get you 14% off your whole order, if you order before midnight on Wednesday 12 February

Ain't we lovely?

Remember to add the Gift Option to the Cart as a separate line item otherwise it won't come through to us on the order. We'll aim to get your order into the post on Thursday 13 February but if you'd like to make extra-sure that it will arrive on time, specify a Baking Date of 12/02/14 on your order and we'll put it into the post a day earlier.


In the meantime, here is a picture which conceptualises the word "brownantic":


*DISCLAIMER: Only if you are impossibly easy to shock

Buffalo Explorers

  • Just found surprise Buffalo Brownies in the kitchen!

    The Connoisseur is unreal. #bestintheleague

    Brian, California

    January 2012

  • Delightful

    Ordered some Atomic Blondies to be delivered to my partner's office, and they didn't disappoint. Lovely packaging, great taste, superb service.

    Bess, London

    February 2012

  • Totes awesome

    Totes awesome

    Pip, Church Broughton

    March 2014

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