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Whistlestop catch-up!


Profuse apologies for the lack of recent updates - we've had a number of projects underway all at once here at BB Towers and in all the excitement we have been wholly and inexcusably remiss in dropping you all the occasional line to let you know what's what! So, what's been happening?

We've found another flavour, courtesy of our friends on Facebook: Forêtnoir was by far the most popular choice of the three in the poll and, in reality, is one of the most refined and interesting flavours we now provide. It's not a Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster in terms of booziness but the combination of the 80% cocoa solids dark chocolate (Forêtnoir, like Alvarado before it, is derived from our ultra-dark Connoisseur brownie) and a warming hint of Kirsch - plus the sticky sweetness of the black cherry jelly pieces - all adds up to quite a fascinating experience. It's a little pricier than our other offerings (black cherries don't grow on tre... wait... okay, yes, they do, but Kirsch - proper eau-de-vie Kirsch - is quite a niche product in the UK) so as we don't want to skimp on quality we hope you don't mind a little premium for such a delicious product. The flock of orders online for it, and the reaction from the crowds at our recent public events, suggest you don't mind in the slightest. So... thank you. :-)

What else? Well, come in #28. #28, Arcee? Your time is up. Spring has sprong, Summer is here and that means we're due, literally any moment now, the arrival of our final seasonal special: BSB, the British Summer Blondie. A few lucky people last year got to try some trial versions of this particular delight in the weeks running up to the launch of our website (BSB just missed out on being in place for the launch) - a blondie in which some of the butter has been replaced with luscious, fattening clotted cream, to complement the strawberry jelly pieces dotted around the slice. The biggest revelation, if all of that description isn't enough to entice you, is that it all adds together to end up tasting curiously like a strawberry Cornetto. Kid ye not. Anyway, like I say, this new flavour will be replacing Arcee imminently. Wimbledon'll be here before you know it!

A quick note about the Derbyshire Food & Drink Fair 2012, held last weekend at Hardwick Hall and attended by your very own favourite multi-varietal brownie vendors: we are pleased to report that we sold out of the majority of flavours we took and, indeed, had to disappoint quite a few people who came back to fetch their newly-found favourite flavours only to discover some other folk had nabbed them in the meantime. Chip and Clementine, not in any way surprisingly, were the first to go, soon followed by Pioneer, Pure and Atomic. We're so pleased the wider public have taken to our product range so eagerly and we look forward to helping more people at more events to find their flavour. Good times.

There's another project we're undertaking, the details of which must be kept under wraps for now, that involves us coming up with a creative way to sell our product. I shall leave you, for now, with these tantalising words: VEND-O-MATIC 2000...

Buffalo Explorers

  • Amazing, gooey and totally gorgeous

    I first had Buffalo Brownies at a child's birthday party, I can honestly say they are amazing, gooey and totally gorgeous.

    Charlotte, Derbyshire

    January 2013

  • Fabulous service!

    Best online customer service I've ever received. I managed to fowl up the online form; through email, by the next evening I had managed to correct my order, add the gift messaging I wanted and had a second order I'd made seperately confirmed. I was even asked when I'd like the orders to go out. Brilliant service, and the people I bought these for absolutely loved their brownies!! I am so glad I discovered you guys at SB Farmer's market :)

    Sarah, Guildford

    May 2013

  • Just found surprise Buffalo Brownies in the kitchen!

    The Connoisseur is unreal. #bestintheleague

    Brian, California

    January 2012

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